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Article: Rescue, Regenerate, Re-Imagine and Remake

Rescue, Regenerate, Re-Imagine and Remake

Rescue, Regenerate, Re-Imagine and Remake

ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Rescue, Regenerate, Re-Imagine and Remake.

For the past few weeks, you have probably seen the term "ECONYL®", always followed by these two words "regenerated and nylon".

But what makes us wanting so bad to talk to you about this new material?

BE CAREFUL HERE, be sure to take some and leave some, because we are going to use our overly excited girls expressions who are already completely sold with this product.

For us the answer is clear: "This is the future! A new revolution! And probably the best environmental advancement in the fashion industry since recycled delivery bags and the end of single-use plastic bags. ”

Jojo & Marlo (when we learned about this new fiber.)

Are you yet convinced enough to want to learn more about our newest kinis at Othersea? We strongly advise you to continue reading and thank us later for forever changing your perception of fashion consumption!

So what exactly is it?

ECONYL® regenerated nylon, you have not finished hearing about it, especially if you are part of our loyal community, because it is indeed our new fiber used for making our swimwear fabrics.

The ECONYL® fiber is a material made entirely of recycled waste, such as fishing nets that pollute our oceans, aquaculture, fabric scraps and other plastic residues intended for garbage. "It is infinitely recyclable and can release endless possibilities for manufacturers, creators and consumers1".

This super fiber is then used in the weaving of an elastic and soft fabric (just as soft as our old fabrics). This fabric is printed by our suppliers in Montreal and finally delivered to our workshop in Quebec to make our pretty Othersea bikinis.

"Like a new nylon fiber, this regenerated fabric can be recycled, recreated and re-molded endlessly. This means that we can create new products (in our case swimwear) and buy new products WITHOUT USING NEW RESOURCES.1 "

"Rescue, Regenerate, Remake and Re-Imagine."

The chain is therefore very simple.

In addition to saving on the production of new materials and reducing waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon contributes to reducing global warming. Among other things, this new material allows to save in astronomical quantity the crude oil and to avoid the production of CO2 emissions to more than 80%, compared to the other materials already used in the manufacture of swimwear in the industry today.

Are you convinced? Wait for it.

As you may have discovered in the past few weeks, our new spring “capsule” is entirely made up of these new fabrics made from regenerated nylon ECONYL®. The decision to produce an entire “capsule” in this new ecological material comes from the fact that we strongly believe that it is time to act and change our habits while thinking about tomorrow and the impact that we will have on our beautiful Earth.

The good choice first.

Choosing the ECONYL® brand and all the “branding” associated with this miraculous fiber is for us a justified choice. We assume the increase in the price of production, because what is important to us, above all, is to have proof that our materials really come, and in an ethical way, from materials recovered from the oceans and other plastics waste.

Besides, as a friend advice, it is always good to wonder about the real source of the materials used to make a product. We can question the so-called values ​​of certain companies that sell themselves as having the power to change the world by selling their product. Many companies use marketing in order to sell a “green” product, but which in reality does not leave such a good ecological footprint given, among other things, its origin from which is often China or the countries under-developed.

The next time you see a nice label signed ECONYL® fiber (or any other eco, organic, fair trade certification, etc.) proudly attached to a finished product, think of all that implies and talk about it around you in order to participate to propagate a more responsible purchasing movement for the good of our environment. ;)

For us, it's one little bikini at the time!

Let continue this adventure the greener way possible! xx

References 1 -ECONYL® brand 2020.

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