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Article: The "Locally All Together" movement

Le mouvement «Localement tous ensemble»

The "Locally All Together" movement

The "Locally All Together" movement

Today, we wanted to talk to you about the project that we have put a lot of time and love into over the past few weeks.

But first and foremost...

We wanted to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your immense support to Othersea, thanks to your encouragement, we are staying the course. We couldn't ask for a better clientele and we are very grateful! We sincerely hope that you are doing well and taking care of yourself during these more uncertain times. We can't wait to see you again at the workshop-boutique and to be able to celebrate with you!

We'd love to hear from you:

Are you okay? What do you do in your spare time? How do you feel about the current situation?

We sincerely hope that you are doing well and that you are surrounded by good energies and love during this intense time. It's time to be there for each other, even from a distance. Listen to the needs of your loved ones, friends and grandparents, they need you more than ever.

At Othersea, we think of you every day and we do everything we can, in this exceptional situation, to stay connected with you. Please know that we thank the universe for having such a loyal and present clientele in these more difficult times... Thank you! Thank you! And thank you again!

Coming back to our movement...

At the beginning of April and at the beginning of a new season, when new collections and lots of new projects were supposed to see the light of day, life decided to put us on pause and force us to stay at home, whether we wanted to or not. We could not have foreseen such a situation and the reality that is affecting us all right now is quite destabilizing. Among other things, our entire local economy is being turned upside down and threatening small businesses like ours.

However, we are among those who think that nothing happens in life for nothing. That's why we decided not to sit at home twiddling our thumbs! We thought that, even from a distance, we could take action and do something to try to help our beautiful local economy.

We came up with the idea of creating a local business community, #madeinQuebec, which would allow us to join forces in a unifying and positive movement focused on mutual aid and local purchasing. The "Locally All Together" movement was born here at Othersea Bikini and aims to bring together all kinds of companies that come together in value, style and authenticity.

To be discovered!

Every week, we introduce you to great companies, inspiring news, advantageous promotions and great local contests. To our delight, the community is growing rapidly with new businesses joining the movement. We love them... and you'll love them too!

Follow us via our social networks (Instagram & Facebook) @localement.tousensemble, so you don't miss any of this great movement and encourage your favorite businesses!

Above all, keep smiling! Everything will be fine!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our local businesses.

Othersea Bikini, and all your beautiful and
Large family of local businesses


Pssst! Would you like to be part of the movement or do you know a company that would like to be part of it? Contact us via .

Also, share your ideas, comments or anything else you'd like to see on our platforms in the coming weeks. Do not hesitate to write to us via our platforms or by email.

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