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Article: «Our people»

«Our people»

«Our people»

"Our people" by Othersea

A new adventure, new faces, the same energy.

For some time now, we have decided to revisit our concept of ambassadors. At Othersea, we don't just want to sell a perfect product, image or body…

What turns us on, at Othersea, is rather when we see you wearing a swimsuit in which you feel free and confident, when you share with us the other side of your adventures, your little magical, festive and funny moments or when you assert your natural beauty from all angles (no photohop!

This is what prompted us to create a new entity, more distinct in Othersea, from figures that are already part of the Othersea community. It has, over the course of our three years of existence, formed little by little (thanks to you!) And we now want to make it radiate in order to share, inspire, create, love and learn more and more about oneself and others. It is therefore with the precious help of new emblematic faces of brand ambassadors that you will be able to understand a little more the values that make us who we are and what we want to convey.

With that, we take the opportunity, once again, to say Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, to all those who follow us, to be part of this great adventure that is Othersea. In our eyes, you are all and all in one way or another, our icons, our emblems, our models, our world... "OUR PEOPLE".

BIGGES, what does 'Our People' mean?

"Our People" represents all these beautiful souls who have something unique and who want to share it to be part of our own, our icons, our models. It is a community that represents authentic, simple and determined women. Women who radiate and give off confidence, women who move forward in the realization of their dreams and their ambitions and rush into their projects.

And the goal behind it all?

The goal is to create a community of women who will represent our brand by sharing their beautiful energy and not just their image. We want to bring great people out of the shadows who deserve to be recognized for what they are, for their beautiful values and what they give off. We want you to recognize yourself in them because at Othersea we sincerely believe that each person has something unique and beautiful to bring into the world.

Who is Our people?

"Our People" is first of all you: our loyal followers of the brand. You who inspire us every day without really knowing it and who generously share your adventures with us.

'Our People' is also 'ELS': our official brand emblems. "They" which, like you and us, are both ordinary and quite extraordinary because of their unique and unique life experience. "They" are beautiful people who have a lot of talent and reveal it to the world. "They" are doing good around "They." It is artists, creatives, sportswomen and entrepreneurs who make a difference. And this difference, as small as it may sometimes seem, makes quite a difference!

So we have selected beautiful souls who inspire us a lot in everyday life and all have a little something very special to convey.

Finally, we're proud to officially introduce you to our very first "ELLES," our emblems, "Our People" by Othersea.

France Girard -Yoga, Pilates, Medicinal Plants & Rebel heart.

Claudie Lamarre -Art, freedom, surfing and a groovy spirit.

Frédéric Savard -Travel, entrepreneurship & sunny heart.

Claudine Langlois -Well being, travel & vibrant personality.

You will be able to meet these unique women, during various events and activities organized by Othersea throughout the year, as well as via our blog and social networks.

Get ready to fall under the charm of these beautiful souls and make unforgettable encounters!

On this… Let this adventure begin!

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