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Ostomy Adapted Swimsuits x Fondation du CHU de Québec

Othersea is proud to partner with the Colorectal and Digestive Cancer Fund of the CHU de Québec Foundation to offer a specially designed swimsuit for women living with an ostomy.
A bikini in which women feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.
A few months ago, we were approached by Kim, a woman with an ostomy, to develop a custom-made adaptive swimsuit. Having been diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2021, Kim couldn't find a swimsuit in which she felt comfortable. We don't usually offer this kind of service, but her story touched us, and we wanted to help and support, in our way, women facing similar challenges.
*All profits generated from this fantastic partnership will be donated to the CHU de Québec Foundation.

Kim's Story
I am 36 years old. I am a lover, a mother, a sister, a friend, and in December 2021, I received a diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
Also suffering from Crohn's disease since the age of 18, cancer was diagnosed during a follow-up exam. Lucky in my misfortune, it was at an early stage of development. I now live with a permanent colostomy.
I am strong, beautiful, and very lucky to be well surrounded.
Since my diagnosis, I decided to turn this unfortunate experience into something positive. I wanted to make my daily life, and ultimately that of those who face the same challenges, more bearable.
Today, I am proud to have found the most beautiful team to present this wonderful project to you. I hope to succeed in helping many women feel beautiful and confident in their new swimsuit and to showcase the mission of Othersea from a new perspective.

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Haut de bikini réversible | GAÏA - BLACK TEXTURÉ (ECO)Haut de bikini réversible | GAÏA - BLACK TEXTURÉ (ECO)