Othersea Bikini is a locally handmade swimsuits company with concern for the environment and well-being in Canada.




Our Philosophy :

The Selflove


Our greatest wish is that every woman accepts herself in all her facets and can proudly wear a bikini that she feels beautiful and confident in. Our goal is to offer an ever larger and more diverse range of choices to suit as many body shapes and needs as possible. We love body diversity!

“ We want our business to reflect the importance of living well in your own skin, with a smile always on your lips. Take advantage of the present moment and live simply, as to the rhythm of the sea and the sun, in harmony with nature. ” - Joëlle Co-founder


Sustainable +

High quality +

Locally Handmade



We believe that it is possible to succeed by remaining authentic and true to our values. Our collections are developed with respect for the environment always as a priority and all our actions are carried out with an ecological and ethical vision.

We do not encourage mass production, over-production and ephemeral fashions. All our products are made according to the demand of our customers and that’s why the quantities are often limited.

Because just like us, versatility and comfort are priorities when choosing a bikinis. All our seams are reversible which offers a "2 in 1" in terms of style and always ensure better comfort when worn.







« Transportable lifestyle from Québec to any other destination : from one ocean to the other. Created in Québec city for the ones who love travelling and dreaming of adventure and sun. Othersea is a mindset, an essence of lightness for the bohemian in you and is inspired by our values which are open-mindedness, creativity, love and freedom. On that Welcome To Our Journey To Othersea. » 

- Peace and love





Thank you for making this adventure alive and for sharing good vibes with us !

Now, release the bohemian in you, open your mind, love more and feel free.

- Marlo, Jojo and all the Othersea Team


If you have any questions, comments, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@otherseabikini.com