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Article: Fall essentials to have at home

Essentiels d’automne à avoir chez soi

Fall essentials to have at home

Our small team reveals its essentials for a comforting autumn, from home to outings in nature.

1. Everything you need to make the best CHAI LATTÉ.

What could be better than enjoying the comfort of home while enjoying a hot beverage (as good (better) as in a café)?

Here is the " luxury " CHAI LATTÉ set to concoct this delicious beverage at home.

2. A cozy beanie .

The seasonal essential, hand-knitted in simply ultra- soft and warm natural materials.

The hat MOONCHILD is available right here or in store . Take advantage of this to get the Fresh Pine color which has just been RESTOCKED (quantities go very quickly!).

3. A nice storage bag.

Fall means more clothes and accessories to stay warm. Here is the item that will allow you to carry all your essentials easily, in addition to completing your fall look with style.

The Charles Henri Duffle bag .

*And for a smaller budget, here is the Othersea recommendation (the team members' favorite!): the Tote Carry On! Adjustable strap, durable lining, durable fabric: a must have!

4. A comfortable kit for moving!

It's the perfect time to get back into yoga sessions at home! What could be more motivating than putting on a nice outfit to train or do household chores!

The INHALE EXHALE + GOOD KARMA kit available in set price or individually.

5. Comforting ambient scents!

In this cocooning season , we take advantage of the comfort of our home to create a warm and relaxing environment. Our collection of candles made with soy wax revives the senses thanks to its sweet smells i unique and oh so pleasant.

The candles are available individually and very soon in “ bundle” format (to give as a gift or yourself ) .

6. A very cozy set .

The ultimate thing is to always have a nice, comfortable and practical set of clothes on hand. In our opinion, there's nothing better than feeling good about yourself, comfortable and stylish , even when the cold weather creeps in!

The CASUAL set is an all-purpose outfit that can be worn at home as well as outside during shopping and coffee outings with friends.

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