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Article: Collection NOSTALGIE x Gentille Tulipe

Collection NOSTALGIE x Gentille Tulipe

Collection NOSTALGIE x Gentille Tulipe

The result of a beautiful artistic collaboration, this colourful new collection is inspired by our favourite expressions (in good Quebec) and our love for our beautiful hometown (Quebec), with a vintage, exotic and sunny touch by Othersea.

Behind these colorful designs hides an artist that we love a lot: Gentille Tulippe, aka Franky, aka our "customer service" girl at Othersea, aka the one who always has the right words, the style tips to match your favorite bikinis and the one who makes the atmosphere at the Othersea store oh so pleasant!

Find out a little more about the accomplished artist and the beautiful person behind these original designs in the short interview that follows.

To transport you into the world and behind the scenes of this collection, we had the pleasure of interviewing Françoise Champagne, aka Gentille Tulipe, graphic artist and employee at Othersea.

What are your inspirations for the "Nostalgia" collection?

The inspiration behind the illustrations in this collection is, quite simply, the beauty of summer in Quebec City! I wanted this collection to be not only for the tourists who visit us, but also for all the people who, like us, are proud to call this house home. The vintage and exotic style of the illustrations alludes to those old t-shirts we used to buy on a trip to Ogunquit or Daytona Beach with our family. We've reimagined these good old classics in our own way hihi

What is the connection to Othersea and the symbols used in your collection?

There are a lot of them. But mainly, Quebec City is really part of the heart of the company because everything is made right here and it's here that the company was born. Often, when I travel or even when we're here, people associate Quebec with the cold when our summers are so beautiful and warm! For me and for the founders (Jo and Marlo), good weather is never far away, you can always keep it in your heart, despite the winter. In the Othersea team, we are also all girls who trip[012753 on the sun and that's why it was important for me to illustrate our beautiful part of the country and highlight the beautiful summer season in Quebec City!

What's your favourite place in Quebec City?

It's parks in general, but I have a soft spot for Victoria Park. We have so many beautiful green spaces and it's in these places that I have my best summer memories, around a little "vino" or a few beers to enjoy the sun with my friends. I really also love my balcony for the same reasons eheh

Your favourite expression as a good Quebecer:

"Well, let's see!" or "Well, weyons." You can literally use it with any intonation and it can say anything.

The Quebec artists who inspire you the most...

oh I have too many! I'm lucky to be surrounded by such talented girls, shoot out to you my friends, you are such inspiring women.

Only the first ones that come to mind:

  • Lucy June - a fantastic artist;
  • Maude @donaverygoodgirl - she's just insane;
  • Clau @outofthe - his vision and gentleness;
  • Rosalie Bea - go listen to her songs, it's sweet;
  • Sophie paradis - @nectarinepointcom.

Just because... Do you like poutine?


Why did you choose these three specific symbols to make your designs? (Montmorency Falls, The Chateau Frontenac, "I Remember")

On the cami: The fleur-de-lys is the emblem of Quebec, so I couldn't miss this classic! Hibiscus flowers add the tropical touch that can be found on all the pieces in the collection.

On the longsleeve: The Château Frontenac needs no introduction! In any good souvenir shop, you can find a sweater with the effigy of an iconic monument, for example Toronto has the CN Tower, Rome has the Colosseum, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and we have our beautiful castle. I gave it a little holiday look by turning it into a sandcastle.

Falls: This is one of those places, which I visited when I was young and have fond memories of. Not being from Quebec City, when I went back when I was older, I was able to refresh my memories and see that it is truly a magical and impressive place that is clearly not to be underestimated in our Quebec heritage.

What does unisex mean to you?

It's a collection for everyone, no matter your gender, your size, your age, I think it's a collection that will be fun to wear and match in your daily life. The feeling of being good in your clothes is super important to me and that's why we have chosen to have a wide variety of sizes and styles that can enhance all silhouettes.

What would you like to do as a project in your graphic design career?

Some of the projects I'd like to do as a graphic artist are so diverse! I'd like to illustrate wine and beer bottle labels, album covers, learn how to tattoo... There are so many things!! In addition to design, I have a lot of small creative projects that work on me, including trying pottery or diving back into painting... Hit me up for your creative projects! ;-)

What makes you feel alive?

Being well surrounded, slowing down, connecting and creating beautiful quality moments, breathing fresh air, bathing and feeling the sun's rays on my skin is what makes me feel alive.

An original collaboration by Othersea x @GentilleTulipe.
Designer and printed in Quebec City with love.

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