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Article: COCONUT LATTÉ Collection – Here’s how to brighten up your mornings with a tropical “vibe” (at home)

Collection COCONUT LATTÉ - Voici comment ensoleiller vos matins avec une «vibe» tropicale (à la maison)

COCONUT LATTÉ Collection – Here’s how to brighten up your mornings with a tropical “vibe” (at home)

We had barely returned from a trip under the Guadeloupe sun when we set to work (at the coffee machine) to re-create the perfect “COCONUT LATTÉ” beverage. We had the chance to discover it one sunny morning in a small Guadeloupean café and it was love at first sight.

Its smooth, creamy texture and little spicy taste gave us butterflies in our stomachs and that's why we wanted to introduce it to you: in the form of a new collection of loungewear/beachwear clothing, due to its atmosphere, but also with the recipe for this famous drink which will transport you to a tropical and sunny atmosphere.

In a few super simple steps, here's how to make a perfect COCONUT LATTÉ (Othersea style).

And there you have it, the perfect recipe to give you a little more taste for summer!

To get the complete set, including coffee, Barista coconut milk and your favorite clothes, it's right here.

+++ Until March 31, 2022, get the FLORES FELICES 94 Celcius x Othersea “discovery size” coffee bag with any purchase from the “Coconut Latté” collection. The collection will be officially available from April 1, 2022 in stores and online.

To taste the Othersea Bikini-Café version, come see us in store from Wednesday to Sunday 11 at 5 p.m. 

Good tasting! 


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