❋ Welcome to our journey to OTHERSEA ❋ ART 2

Othersea is ...

What does Othersea mean to me? Othersea is much more than just a swimwear brand. It's a chance to express yourself, to stand out, to trust yourself and to let yourself go as a woman who is comfortable in your skin, in your body, in your mind.

I fantasize about imagining people happy, living for themselves, breathing love and I hope that's what you feel emanating from the Othersea atmosphere. A lifestyle focused on self-love and love of life.

I'm a rather shy girl, I like to push my limits and go beyond what I know, what I think I'm capable of achieving. Here is my version, my message, my Othersea, in short, "Welcome to my journey to othersea"!


We are passionate people who work with passionate people. Passionate about life, passionate about adventure, passionate about people, passionate about passions. Surround yourself with people who are simply awesome. Make them vibrate with your energy and let yourself be immersed...

Live without thinking too much about tomorrow, but while being aware of your impacts on the future. Your future and the future of others. Keep smiling, always. Enjoy the music, the sounds you hear, the images you see, the landscapes, the faces... Enjoy it all! Every person I met, every walk in nature, every turn in the car, every outing with friends, every swim in the sea, every adventure. Everything, everything, everything. Be free, open your mind to the possibilities of life - Go with the flow! Every moment counts, and that's exactly why you have to appreciate them. Savour every moment and only good things you will have, because yes, positivism attracts the positive.

Simplicity is for me the most beautiful thing. Keep it simple, be you. Mouse. Smile all the time, even when you don't feel like smiling anymore. Rice. Laugh hard, laugh harder. Let yourself be guided by this gentle or sometimes turbulent breeze called fate. Let go of your head, open your heart and create.

Exercise. Swimming. Surf. Yoga. Volleyball. Move. Have confidence in Othersea jerseys. Have confidence in yourself. Dance, sway your hips, rest, stretch. Take deep breaths and jump. Jump the highest, the farthest. Have fun! Try! Don't listen to bad comments, inappropriate remarks, screws. Live what you want to live. You are the master of your life. Do what you want, when you want. Respect others. Respect nature. Respect and accept yourself... as you are.

Othersea is just real. Without retouched images, accept your body: your stretch marks, your wrinkles, your sagging breasts, too big, too small, your scars, your cellulite, your awkward smiles, your funny quirks. In short, what makes you unique and beautiful. Authentic. So beautiful that word, don't you think? Authenticity. We want the real thing. 100%. Nothing but the real thing.

Finally, love. Love yourself, love others, love life.

Be receptive to your future, but also admire your past. He is the one who makes you who you are. Love yourself. And never forget: you're beautiful, you're good, you're capable.