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Article: Elly - The Happy ADVENTURER

Elly - L'heureuse AVENTURIÈRE

Elly - The Happy ADVENTURER

Othersea :
A new family,
Full of love.
It's all real!

I live for climbing, for travelling, for everyone who crosses my path and teaches me so much. For all the times I'm in love, with a person, a place, a sport... or just in love with my life. For all the mornings I wake up proud and deeply happy. For all the times I listen to myself, I trust myself and make decisions that help me see the simplest things as the most magical. I live to enjoy every moment, in the present.

When I was very young, I almost lost my life... A major operation... That's what got me that gorgeous line between the breasts and that intriguing "second belly button." For me, these scars remind me at every moment that being there is a privilege in itself and that I am very lucky. Early on, I was taught that life hangs by a thread, and that's why I'm writing to you right now from Thailand. Every minute counts, I do what I want, I'm free, I enjoy. A plane ticket, my climbing shoes, my Othersea swimsuits, my backpack and off we go!

I do what I'm passionate about. I push my limits. I go to people. They come and go from my life leaving me with a unique memory each time. I'm climbing, I'm getting closer to the sky in my way. I have the most beautiful views in the world from the top of the climbing walls, I feel good, I am in my place. I swim, I let myself be carried away by the waves, they remind me of the force of nature, I admire it. I feel small, the world is huge. I want to see him.

That's what Othersea is all about for me. Love, simplicity, freedom. Othersea is two radiant girls who pushed me to walk the runway in swimsuits when they launched a year and a half ago. It was Marie-Laurence who told me that my imperfections made me even more beautiful. It's all their unretouched photos. I'm the one who feels good and has only been wearing their brand ever since. It's a lot of gratitude to them who officially invite me into this beautiful family "full of love and self-esteem".

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