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Article: Romero Polish - Hiver 2018

Romero Pools - Hiver 2018

Romero Polish - Hiver 2018

"The sun setting on the desert horizon, the sky of a thousand and one colors, the heat of the day embracing the reddish earth to bewitch it with all its energy.
Let your mind wander from the top of plunging cliffs to the canyons full of Romero's pools. Its crystal clear waters will soothe the worries of winter by transporting you to a supernatural universe.
To your soul Gypsy, a collection in the colors of the Arizona earth and patterns inspired by the First Nations of American India. Welcome to our journey to Arizona. »

"First", where does the name of the Romero Pools collection come from? This is the place we were inspired by for this winter 2018 collection. Located in the state of Arizona in the United States, there are magnificent water sources and a breathtaking setting.

We transport you directly to the heart of the "Far West" which is full of the most beautiful deserts in the country. Inspired by our biggest dreams of Arizona: its plains, canyons, thousands of cacti and red earth infused with the most beautiful memories of the "Wild West" in the days of cowboys and the gold rush. For you, we have imagined a collection with a vintage look, with colors inspired by the décor of Arizona and American Indians. As always, made of the most comfortable fabrics and designed so that you can practice your sports without the worry of losing one of your pieces.


As gypsies at heart, we have always been drawn to this part of the country and the spiritual and mysterious aspect of this state of America. That's why we planned our next trip to this mythical place. Get ready to follow us on this journey over the next few months on our various social media channels. In the meantime, here's a glimpse of our collection in an improvised "Arizona" setting in Quebec City!

The collection will be available from November 7 in LIMITED quantities. That's why, from October 30th to November 6th, you'll have the chance to PRE-ORDER all the items to make sure you don't miss out on your new favorite jersey.

On that note, "enjoy" Romero Pools 2018!

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