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Article: ❋ Welcome to our journey to OTHERSEA ❋ ART I

❋ Welcome to our journey to OTHERSEA ❋ PART I

❋ Welcome to our journey to OTHERSEA ❋ ART I

The Californian ''ream''

I 've always had a fondness for water, in fact, plus a real passion for everything that came close to it. Being on the water, in the water, close to the water, is probably the thing that brings me the most happiness. Younger, I watched the movie "Blue Crush" about 10,000 times. I started to dream of being born in a hot country, with my feet in the sand, surfing every day and sponsored by the biggest swimsuit companies... I loved the idea of one day being able to experience the 'lifestyle' of surfter, me too, Despite having grown up not by the sea, but by the St. Lawrence River (a little more 'fret' in Quebec!). I also imagined myself having my own surf shop in California, before I had never been there. Living a life by the sea, always barefoot, of the Bob Marley in the "piton" of my Volks 1967 valve, roaming the coast for perfect waves: my Californian ''Dam''.

It was a little later, while playing several water sports such as windsurfing and surfing that I developed a real passion for bikinis. Despite the too short summers of Quebec, I collected them and wore and admired them as often as possible (even during the winter, when I preferred to wear my swimsuits rather than my underwear...). Yes, maybe I should have been born in a hot country, but that wouldn't have changed the fact that I was one day going to have my own company focused on the ''lifestyle of surfing.''

The dive into the vacuum!

Having accepted, or almost, the fact of not being a Californian of origin, I decided to become one in the soul and to make this "Vibe" vibrate in the company that I would one day build.

Then came this happy coincidence, where I was talking to a new friend at school during the dinner break. We started to discuss our common passion for swimsuits. Our eyes started to shine and our heads to be full of crazy ideas, that's when we decided to found our own company to one day live our Californian dream. Yéé! I will have infinity bikinis for all my life!

Today, although the company is only a year and a half old, I see Othersea becoming, every day, a little more of a real ''lifestyle.'' My partner Marlo and I make the company vibrate with our joy of living and our desire to accomplish great things. We want our company to reflect the importance of living well in its skin, with a smile always glued to its lips. Enjoy the present moment without much concern for the problems of the next day and live simply, as in the rhythm of the sea and the sun. Basically, it's all of this that makes our Othersea adventure a happy adventure and that's what we want to share with everyone.

My dream of a little girl who became Othersea...

It was when I left school at 19 and on a whim that I decided to go into the vacuum with one of my best friends to create Othersea Bimini. It was the best decision of my life and it is by putting heart and passion into it, by not being discouraged by the realities of the profession, but above all by remaining ourselves that Marlo and I are in the process of building a company in our image. To remain true in everything we do is important to us. For the rest, it will be to see where life will take us, let's have fun!

Othersea is the best adventure for me and it's just beginning!

With that, go shop your bikinis girls! ;)

Peace & lots of love♡❋


IG: @ joellelbjoelle

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