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Have fresh and soft clothes with our wool dryer balls!

So many reasons to adopt those, here’s some:

  • It’s a natural solution to your dryer sheets which is full of chemicals and perfume
  • Highly absorptive to water
  • It’s made of natural material and it’s durable
  • Once it’s in your dryer, the wool balls will bounce around and get between your clothes permitting a better air circulation.
  • it shortens drying time and static
  • It attracts thread and hair on clothes
  • They don’t make any noise
  • Possibility to combine with essential oils

Come in cotton bag.


Add three wool balls in your dryer machine with a small load of laundry. Go up to six balls for a larger load. It lasts for hundreds of loads, so your good for a long time with those!


You can add scent to your wool balls with an essential oil of your choice. First, your load of laundry needs to be completely dry. Then, you add 3 to 6 drops on your dryer balls and put it into your dryer for 10 minutes with your load. IMPORTANT to run a non-heated cycle.


Material: 100% wool from New Zealand

Size: 7 cm

Out of ecological awareness and also in order to slow down our overconsumption, Up Simply is the simple, practical and effective solution for any object that must be thrown away after use.

Here are products that will replace the limited-use objects of our daily life.

To simplify your life.

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