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Because our greatest wish is that every woman accepts herself in all her facets and can proudly wear a bikini in which she feels beautiful and confident, here is the brand new "Pure Line" collection by Othersea.


The “Pure Line” or “Pure Line”.


. The purity of this range more mature and suitable for all stages of life.


. The line which, specific to each woman, embraces her story, her struggles, and her victories.


. The symbiosis of its two elements and the evolution over time of those wonderful curves that make each woman who they are.


“For us, a pure line is simply beautiful, simple, timeless and naturally soothing. »


Introducing a new range of more mature, 'sleek' Othersea swimwear that will embrace and showcase the curves of time with ease. A quality of manufacture and high-end ecological materials, in designs specific to Othersea and adapted to the reality of each woman.

With that, embrace all of who you are, you are PURE beauty.