The Self-Love.

Le self-love.

For me, self-love is:

Self-love is the freedom of body and soul from the worldview. It's about loving yourself and letting yourself be loved, complimented. It's about accepting criticism, but not giving a damn, because what matters is being yourself. Without being "selfish", it's about taking more time for yourself. And only oneself. It's doing something that makes me smile, laugh to myself, until I cry. It's about creating, moving, meditating: doing what makes me feel light, good about myself! It's to walk in front of the mirror in the morning and wink at myself, a dance move, because yes, the world belongs to me! It's letting myself be told I'm beautiful and telling myself that every day.

Now walk with your head held high and let your inner being shine. Above all, be good with yourself.

For Othersea, the self-love movement is:

Yes, we sell jerseys. Yes, our bikinis are sexy, small, revealing, we won't hide it! But why? Because you're beautiful! All women are beautiful! In your own way, you radiate confidence when you step out of the house in your cute bikini.

Our greatest wish is for every woman to have the confidence and courage to accept herself in all its facets. We ALL have stretch marks, cellulite or a small bulge that we like to hide... Well, know that the era of big "underwear" and sarongs is behind us and we want to see you wear with pride a swimsuit in which you feel free! And if you haven't made it to the Brazilian "thong" stage, know that you are respected and admired just as much! And if, on the other hand, you are trying a more revealing style, like us, assume it and do it with all the confidence in the world, because you are beautiful in all your facets!

For us, self-love is the basis for living well in your own skin and being happy.

That's why we wanted to create the "Other ways to see" tee in collaboration with our favorite artist Out of the. It has become a kind of symbol for us. That of feminine power, of gathering our forces as a designer of women's swimwear. We want to create a movement towards a truer world, with less photoshop, more natural beauty and more self-acceptance. We want you to have a sense of pride and well-being that all women should have in front of themselves.

We want to bring together the feminine strength and to create a gang of girls proud of difference, shapes, lines and colors. Because it is thanks to this beautiful diversity that we are who we are today as a swimwear company.