We are very happy to announce the reopening of our boutique in our "Workplace" and especially to finally see you again! We missed you so much. xx

In order to offer a safe shopping experience for you and our team of seamstresses, here is what we now require during your store visits :

- Wearing a mask is MANDATORY

As the Othersea Workplace is above all the place where we make our products, it is important to protect the people who make them. We want to keep this place as a safe place for them and for you.

N.B. We will sell reusable masks on site at a cost of $ 5 to help you out as well as Othersea reusable masks, made of hemp (therefore antibacterial), made in our workshop, at a cost of $ 22.

- Disinfection station at the entrance

Please also note that a Purell station will be available at the entrance. Please disinfect your hands as soon as you arrive.

- One person or a group of two "roommates" at a time

We ask you to wait outside, at the bottom of the entrance steps, to allow the person to move easily when leaving while obviously respecting the 2 meters distance between people if there is a small line.

Our team is there for you in these exceptional circumstances. We would like to say a big and beautiful THANK YOU for your support and for your understanding.

If you have any questions and/or comments about the measures we have put in place, don't hesitate and write to us at Otherseabikini@gmail.com.

We wish you a great summer filled with hot days and, of course, beautiful bikinis!

Love, Peace & Health,

~ Jojo, Marlo and the whole Othersea team