Native's Tonic


Fort comme un Castor
This tonic, inspired by the taste of a good green tea, is a master key for anyone who wants to get to know medicinal plants. Its mild taste makes it accessible to any tea / herbal tea lover or to the curious who wishes to explore the world of plants. This tonic heals the skin, balances hormones and stimulates deep energy.

Vraiment Chouette
This one is our best sellers at Native. It is excellent in hot or cold tonic and harmonizes perfectly with your "mood" of the moment. It helps to cure digestion, hydrate the skin in addition to being anti-inflammatory and calming.


Jeune Louve
Perfect for the rebellious woman, this tonic is a real energy boost, an incredible detox in addition to balancing the hormonal system. It easily integrates into a training day to optimize your physical abilities. 

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