Meet your new best friend. Always by your side for impromptu meetings, the visit you want to impress, the car that has been neglected for too long, the teenager's room in search of identity or the sudden need for freshly laundered sheets. Flambette home fragrances are your best allies to save any situation that requires instant magic. They transform any ambience to make it as intoxicating as it is inviting. Just a few pschitt and you're done!

What is an ambient mist?

A fragrance to spray at home. Our soft, alcohol-free home fragrances are perfect for freshening up any room in your home. Their use is safe on fabrics and carpets and their bewitching fragrances will charm you for sure!

What's in your drizzles?

Distilled water, witch hazel water and fragrance. Nothing more!
They are safe for the skin and animals (they also make excellent perfumes for our little animals!)