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Article: Welcome to our journey to .... OREGON ✨W 19' collection 🍃

Welcome to our journey to .... OREGON ✨W 19' collection 🍃

Welcome to our journey to .... OREGON ✨W 19' collection 🍃

The Othersea escape... from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

We left in a van, in our Othersea van.
We rode... for quite a long time, even.
We traveled through the deserts of Arizona, smelled the sand of California,
to eventually cross paths with Oregon.
It was winding, going up and down.
Sometimes you could see the sea, other times, enchanted nature.

On the side of the road and in the distance, the trees rose high into the air, until we lost sight of their tops.
On the land, the green moss breathed the salty air, the mushrooms were celebrating.
On the ocean, the waves seen from the top of the cliffs seemed to waltz and dance until they smashed the rocks and produced a gentle little drizzle of magical water.

We imagined mermaids (beautiful mermaids) dressed in colors that were sometimes flamboyant, sometimes more natural.
These hues inspired nature, the ocean, rocks, forests, and sunsets over the Pacific.
There were also these waterfalls, mountains, lakes and rivers where you could feel the life emanating from them.
These were very real.
The feeling of powerlessness in the face of nature and grandeur, we have experienced it well.

That's what went through our minds as designers when, after traveling about 10,000 kilometres from Canada to the United States, we finally reached the state of Oregon.

In this collection with an enchanted and very spiritual look, we present you new advantageous and fitted cuts. We've specially designed them so you won't be afraid to show off your "winter bodysuit" on a spa day or on your first days on a cruise this winter.

With an even more bohemian touch than our last collections, you will find the style and colors of these pretty mermaids that marked our imagination during this beautiful adventure on the Oregon coast.

Finally, it is again and again for all of you, the beautiful dreamers, adventurers at heart and lovers of water, that we have created this wonderful collection. Each style is therefore multiplied tenfold into 3, 4 or 5 different sizes so that, whatever your body type, more "curvy", or straighter or squarer... you will find, without exception, an Othersea that suits you perfectly.

Welcome to our Journey to Oregon!

Peace & lots of love!


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